Europe - Classic Italy

Sample package

Classic Italy – 9 days / 7 nights


Flight towards Rome.


On your arrival to Rome airport, you will be met by your bus driver who will escort you to your private motor coach and your accommodation in Rome.

Lunch at your own charge

Your trip begins with a guided tour of the Rome Baroque, including La Piazza di Spagna, the Barcaccia, La Piazza Navona, La Piazza del Popolo, Trevi Fountain.

Visit of the Pantheon: Built under Emperor August, the Pantheon is one of the most preserved monument in Ancient Italy.

Dinner and overnight in Rome.

Trevi Fountain



Departure by motor coach on the way to Florence.

Florence is without a doubt the city where Italian genius is at it’s purest. During more than 3 centuries, from the 13th to the 16th, the city was the cradle of many great minds that shaped the country.

Arrival in Florence and short stop at your accommodaiton to drop off your luggage.

Lunch at your own charge

Meeting with a local guide for a guided tour of the city (1/2 day) where you will see the main attractions that are concentrated in the same area. We recommend a visit of the city by foot, which is much more pleasant in order to discover and feel this wonderful city so vibrant.

La Piazza del Duomo, the Renaissance cradle, and the Cathedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is visible from practically every part of the city.

Brunelleschi’s Duomo: Inside Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, which was designed by a great load of architects including Giotto, you’ll be able to appreciate the result of a contest won by Fillipo Brunelleschi’s, the biggest Dome of its time, ornamented by impressive frescoes and carvings.

Battistero di San Giovanni. It was the site of Dante’s christening, its Byzantine-style mosaics inspired the details of his Inferno. Three sets of marvelous bronze doors are located around the baptistery, one set designed by Pisano dates from 1336. They all consist of many panels depicting biblical events. Another set was referred to as the “Gates of paradise” by Michelangelo himself.

Setting up at your hotel and rest of the day at leisure.

Dinner and overnight in Florence.

Florence Duomo



Departure towards San Gimignano. In the depths of Tuscany, discover the beautiful walled town of San Gimignano. Located on the top of a hill, its numerous medieval towers, vineyards and olive trees make it worthy of the name « San Gimignano delle Belle Torri » (of the great towers).

Free time to enjoy la Piazza della Cisterna. This square is names after the 13th century well that occupies its center. It is surrounded by tall towers ans austere mansions dating from the 13th and 14th century.

Lunch at your own charge

Then, departure on the way to Sienna.

Free time to discover this gothic city built in the depths of three Tuscan hills. The wealth of Siena dated 13th and 14th centuries, during which the independent republic, with highly organized structures became prosperous thanks to its merchants and bankers.

Piazza del Campo : this shell-shaped brick square designed specifically for civic events. The paved ground of the piazza is allegedly divided into nine sections representing the city’s medieval « Government of Nine ».

Palazzo Pubblico: Construction began in 1297 and its original purpose was to house the republican government, consisting of the Podesta and Council of Nine.

Visit the Torre del Mangia (at your expense), 88m high tower that flows from one end of the public palace. At the foot of the tower, the Piazza di Cappelle.From the top, fantastic view of the city with the amazing tangle of his earth-colored roofs of Siena and the surrounding Sienese countryside

Drive back to Florence at the end of the day

Dinner and overnight in Florence.




Departure towards Campanie with a stop in Pompéï.

Lunch at your own charge

Guided tour of Pompeii ruins (2h). Since 1748, excavations have unearthed a stunningly well-preserved picture of Roman daily life. The site hasn’t changed much since then, and neither have the victims, whose ghastly remains were partially preserved by plaster casts in the hardened ash.

Continuation towards Sorrento and transfer, in the evening, to your hotel.

Dinner and overnight in Sorrento



Departure for an exploration of the island of Capri.

Transfer, by minibus, to Sorrento’s port.

Boarding of the ferry to Capri Island.

Arrival to Marina Grande’s port.

Meet with your local guide for a guided tour of Capri (full day). Your tour starts with free time in the city to enjoy the beauty of little plazas, small houses and alleys evoking the Moorish style.This fantastic island’s beauty will seduce you with its uneven relief, with the sweetness of its weather and with its luxurious vegetation.

Lunch at your own charge

Visit of Villa San Michele: Lifelong work of Swedish author and physician Axel Munthe, it was built earlier this century on the site of one of Emperor Tiberius’s villas. The villa houses remarkable classical sculptures retrieved from Capri’s sea bottom where they were thrown after Tiberius’s death, allegedly by the ghosts of his victims.

Transfer to Marina Grande’s port around 16h45 and head back to Sorrento by ferry.

Transfer, by minibus, from Sorrento’s port to your hotel

Dinner and overnight in Sorrento




Departure on the way back to Rome.

Arrival in Rome and transfer to your hotel to drop off luggage

Lunch at your own charge

Then, meet with a local guide for a guided tour of Rome – the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The Roman Forum is a field of ruins strewed with sections of shredded walls, many columns and stones, true witnesses lodged in the ground like a printing of Roman Empire’s magnitude.

Walk towards the Coliseum: it still stands as the enduring symbol of the Eternal city. Gladiators fought each other here, and it is said that the elliptical interior could be flooded for mock sea battles (we’ll let you figure out how it was possible). The outside of the arena, still well preserved around the three-quarters of its circumference, provided the inspiration for countless Renaissance and Baroque architectural confections.

Return back to your hotel at the end of the day and set up

Dinner and overnight in Rome.




Appointment with a local guide and departure for a guided tour of the Vatican (1/2 day)

Vatican Museums: Housing one of the world’s greatest art collection.

St. Peter’s Basilica & Sistine Chapel : The vast Christian sanctuary. The basilica itself lies on the well-known site of St. Peter’s tomb. (Visit done with headsets)

Lunch at your own charge

Rest of the day at leisure in Rome.

Dinner and overnight in Rome



Transfer by bus to Rome airport.

Return flight.