Your reservation is a contract by which you accept all the following terms and conditions. No other representation, guarantee or modification will bind Voyages Tour Étudiant, unless a document is signed by Voyages Tour Étudiant. Please read carefully all the following information.


Unless otherwise indicated, a deposit of 25% of the total cost or $350 per person is required to confirm your reservation. Your trip has to be paid in full at least 45 days before the departure (60 days before the departure for trips including flights).
That deposit does not include the additional cancellation insurances or other fees. All payments are deposited into a trust account. The Quebec Provincial Travel Act provides 100% default coverage for all resident and non-resident visitors using agencies licensed in its jurisdiction. For further information please call the Quebec Consumer Protection Office in Gatineau at 819 772-3041.


For bus trips
• More than 45 days before departure: no penalties
• 45 to 30 days before departure: 50% of the total cost of the trip
• Less than 30 days before departure: 100% no refund

For flights
• More than 60 days before departure: $350 per person (non-refundable)
• 46 to 60 days before departure: 75% of the total cost of the trip
• 45 days and less before departure: 100% no refund

Name changes: under 45 days before departure, any modification to
the names of the participants will be considered a cancellation.

In order to ensure you the best service, you must give us the exact number of participants as well as their names, 45 days before the departure date of your trip. After this date all reductions in the number of participants will be considered as a cancellation and will be subject to the clause “CANCELLATION FEES“. In order to avoid all unpleasantness with your participants we strongly
suggest that you offer them a cancellation insurance or that you ask them to sign a waiver form (available upon request) stating that they are aware of the consequences in case of a cancellation on their part.

Less than 45 days prior to departure, any major modifications in the itinerary may generate extra fees ($75 to $250). Upon reception of your final itinerary, it is very important to read it carefully so you can advise us, as soon as possible, of any modifications you would like to make.

Any change of date will be considered as a cancellation.

We strongly recommend that travellers purchase insurance that covers all risks usually associated with abroad trips, especially the one that covers medical and hospitalization fees, as well as cancellation fees and theft insurance. Ask your Student Tour coordinator for more information.

Cancellation insurance is available for purchase at any period. We do suggest, however to subscribe to it at the same time you send in your deposit. That way, you will avoid problems if a student cancels for valid reasons.

The insurance prices are based on quotation’s and agreement’s first page price.

Travellers commit to verify what documents are required by the government authorities (birth certificate, passport or visa, if necessary). They will be responsible for all fees and have to make sure they get the documents before they leave. If a passenger does not submit to the requirements, it will enable the carrier or the authorities to refuse admittance to that person and no refund
will be given.

The client acknowledges that the price of the contract could be modified following a fuel surcharge or an increase in the currency exchange rate (unless your contract includes an exchange rate freeze)”. In this event, if the modification results in an increase of the price of less than 7%, excluding GST and PST, the client undertakes to pay the difference and, if the modification results in an increase of the price of 7% or more, excluding GST and PST, the client may choose to (1) cancel the contract with full reimbursement or (2) accept the provision of similar services that may be offered by the travel agent. However, no modification of the price can occur less than 30 days prior to departure. Prices in the brochure are based on a minimum of paying passengers which is different for each destination. If you don’t have this minimum, it will consequently increase the cost of your trip.


In Canada, service hours for a bus driver are regulated as follows: 13 hrs of driving + 3 hrs of vehicule maintenance and luggage handling, for a total of 16 hrs. An 8-hour rest period is mandatory between each service period.

In the United States, the hours of service for a bus driver are regulated as follows: 10 hrs of driving + 5 hrs of service (including vehicule check-up and luggages) for a total of 15 hrs. After that 15 hrs of service, an 8-hour rest is mandatory.

Voyages Tour Étudiant / Student Tour is only being used in its capacity as an agent with regard to hotel accommodation, transportation by airplane, by bus or by any other way, and will not be held responsible for delays, loss of personal belongings, injuries, accidents, deaths, damages, inconveniences, loss of pleasure, disruption, disappointment, distress, physical or mental frustration resulting from an error of any company or agent.

The contract has to be in agreement with the laws of the province of Québec. For every case where the starting point is within the province of Québec, the concerned parts are under Québec district jurisdiction. The invalidity of one of the clauses of the contract, in its entirety or in part, will not modify any other clause.

By signing the agreement, the group leader agrees to all terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. Failure to respect any of the terms of this agreement might result in unilateral cancellation
of the agreement by Québec Court’s tribunals are competent to judge any dispute related to the application of the agreement between the 2 parties.